05. April 2022

cellcentric fuel cell series production: desired location Weilheim for KLIMA|WERK

KLIMA|WERK Weilheim – this is the name of the future factory for the series production of cellcentric’s fuel cell systems. As the name already suggests, cellcentric is making a clear commitment to its desired location an der Teck with KLIMA|WERK Weilheim.

A central guiding principle: not only to develop and produce sustainability for the mobility of tomorrow, but also to create added value locally. Plans include up to 450 new additional jobs, ecologically designed green spaces to compensate for the loss of land, and the use and provision of waste heat in the Rosenloh industrial park and adjoining areas, made possible by the green hydrogen production.

In order to make the commercial development in the Rosenloh area in Weilheim legally possible, an approval procedure is necessary in advance. Due to the importance of the overall project, the city of Weilheim has decided to involve all citizens entitled to vote in the decision and called on them to cast their vote on April 24th. cellcentric welcomes this decision and is looking forward to the dialogue with the citizens of Weilheim.

In order to inform the citizens about the plans of KLIMA|WERK in a correspondingly transparent way, cellcentric has started an information campaign.

In the coming weeks, in addition to information brochures and large posters, there will also be an opportunity once a week to talk directly with representatives of cellcentric. The company invites you to the mobile coffee station at the Weilheim weekly market. Until April 23rd there is the possibility from 8-12 o’clock on Saturdays to ask questions around the plant and the fuel cell technology with a coffee and a pretzel.

Further information about the KLIMA|WERK can be found on the website klimawerk-weilheim.de

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