Code of Conduct

cellcentric is aware that the only way for us as a company to set an example on a global scale is if we work responsibly at the local level – on every shop floor and in every office. This is our responsibility.

The cellcentric Code of Conduct is the tool to help us navigate what is right in a particular situation and act in a way that manages legal and ethical risk.

The cellcentric Code of Conduct and its resulting obligations also addresses our business partners and their employees, so that the core principles may be passed on to their suppliers as well and to ensure compliance.

For more information, see the document below:
Code of Conduct

Like all our employees, also our business partners are requested to report any misconduct or maladministration in connection with the cellcentric Group’s business activities. For this purpose we installed an external Compliance Hotline. Reports will be treated confidentially and, if requested, anonymously.