19. November 2021

cellcentric donates ventilation systems for kindergarten and school

Dank der Spenden von drei ortsansässigen Unternehmen aus Kirchheim-Teck, darunter die Thanks to donations from three local companies from Kirchheim-Teck, including the fuel cell company cellcentric GmbH& Co. KG and the company Eberspächer GmbH, it was recently possible to purchase a mobile air purification system for both the Nabern kindergarten and the elementary school. They were delivered by Eberspächer Environmental Solutions GmbH, which also donated a part of the acquisition costs of the two devices.

Thus, just in time for the start of the cold season, the two institutions, represented by Mrs. Ute Sauermann (deputy head) for the kindergarten and Mrs. Jeanette Kreißig (school management) for the elementary school, were able to receive the equipment. The support association of the kindergarten and the elementary school, which, in its function as a non-profit association, made itself available as a payment processor, was also very pleased about the local willingness to support the project.

For cellcentric, it is a matter of course to support the direct neighborhood. „The ongoing Corona situation affects us all. We would like to do our part to support the kindergarten and the elementary school in Nabern, which are also attended by the children of our employees,“ said Matthias Jurytko, CEO and managing director of cellcentric.

As a local company, Eberspächer GmbH was also happy to contribute in protecting the children in the two facilities in Nabern.

Giacomo Mastro (local head Nabern), Dr. Christian Mohrdieck (member of the management of cellcentric), Mario Eberspächer (Eberspächer Environmental Solutions GmbH), Katja Frank (head non-profit association), Markus Eberspächer (Eberspächer GmbH), Jeanette Kreißig (school management), Dr. Matthias Jurytko (managing director and CEO cellcentric) – f.l.t.r.

This also to the delight of Nabern’s local head Giacomo Mastro. „The directors of the two facilities approached me quite quickly after I started work in April with their request regarding the air filter units. Our common goal was to find a remedy at the beginning of winter, on site, independent of further support programs. The fact that this worked is of course very pleasing to me and shows the identification of the donor companies with the locality.“

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