13. SEPTEMBER 2022

cellcentric presents latest generation of its fuel-cell technology

  • Presentation of the new fuel cell system generation with 150 kW net power output
  • Drastically improved service life and optimized design
  • Specially developed for commercial vehicles with energy-intensive use

At the IAA Transportation 2022, cellcentric, the 50:50 fuel-cell joint venture of Daimler Truck AG and the Volvo Group, will present its latest innovations on the way to fuel-cell series production. The company will debut its new generation fuel-cell system, with 150 kW net power and an improved design.

The manufacturer of fuel-cell systems, which are primarily used in heavy-duty commercial vehicles to enable emission-free long-distance transport, is thus underlining its industrialization expertise. In hall 24, booth C23 cellcentric presents two fuel-cell systems to the specialized public. Significant improvements in all relevant areas are provided by the new generation BZA150, which is intended for series production. It has a net power of 150 kW, the voltage range is between 650-850 VDC, the service life is approximately 25,000 operating hours, and the weight is around 230 kg.

“Our new development impressively demonstrates the potential of fuel cell technology,” said Dr. Matthias Jurytko, CEO at cellcentric GmbH & Co. KG. “After all, within just one generation, we have been able to increase net power by 36 percent while reducing weight by eight percent. Even more decisive, however, is the improved service life, which is now equivalent to that of a conventional diesel unit in long-distance use.” In the future, two of the newly developed units with a total net output of 300 kW will be used in long-distance trucks (twin system). They will be installed in place of the conventional powertrain.

Also on display at the IAA is the BZA100+ fuel-cell power unit. It has a net power of 110 kW, a voltage range of 600-750 VDC and a lifetime of 3,000 hours with a weight of 250 kg.

Special requirements for energy-intensive use provided

cellcentric not only adapts existing fuel cell technology. For crucial technology components, the company is developing a completely new generation of fuel-cell systems that meet the complex and special requirements of commercial vehicles in the heavy long-distance and heavy-duty sector. cellcentric’s fuel-cell systems enable high loading volumes and payloads as well as the required long-distance capability and flexibility. They keep trucks moving when there is no time to recharge – perfect for long distances and heavy loads and in parts of the world where charging options are limited.

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