13. September 2021

Announcement new Corporate Design

Today is a big milestone for cellcentric: we are happy to introduce you to cellcentric’s new corporate design and logo, as well as the storyline behind it.

Our ambition is to make cellcentric a leading global manufacturer of fuel cell systems, and thus contributing to a climate-neutral and sustainable transportation by 2050. Thereby we are particularly proud of what we have already achieved. With the combined forces of the Daimler Truck AG and the Volvo Group, we bring together 30 years’ worth of extensive experience in developing safe and efficient world-class fuel cell systems.

As a pioneer in the development, production and repair of hydrogen fuel cell systems as well as a manufacturer with upcoming large-scale production, our focus is always on the fuel cell. This is exactly what we want to express with our new corporate design to our customers, employees, partners and the media.

Accordingly, we have further developed the previous design: Our logo remains the word mark cellcentric, into which a symbol is now integrated. It visualizes our technological core, the fuel cell. The two L letters visualize the anode and cathode side respectively. The thin line between the two letters visualizes the membrane. The trademark will be an integral part of our word mark that can also be used individually.

In addition to the trademark, the revised logo is complemented by the color blue in the color value “Pantone 2382 C”: The blue stands for our fuel cell technology, which emits only pure water during operation. In addition, the color blue signals, especially in the automotive industry, the use of an environmentally friendly technology.

The brand logo has a minimalist “flat design”. It is therefore ideally suited for the smallest applications in the online and social media areas, where logos are displayed very small and are often viewed on mobile devices. The clear, timeless design reflects our high quality standards and cellcentric’s many years of expertise.

We have also further developed cellcentric’s cellcentric brand essence, that illustrates what we stand for, today as well as in the future. We want to be the innovation and quality leader in the field of hydrogen fuel cells, making a major contribution to sustainable, low-emission living with our products:

We power sustainable life by creating superior hydrogen fuel cell solutions.